Monday, April 13, 2015

Spiritual Warfare, Part 5 - Apr 13, 2015

We continue our discussion of Spiritual Warfare. This week we will be talking about hexes and generational curses. It is common nowadays to hear preachers (particularly those of the Word-Faith/NAR persuasion) speak of generational curses. If you have some besetting sin or things in your life just generally are not going as you wish, it may well be because someone in your family history invited in a demon that has set up shop in your bloodline. This demonic minion is now wreaking havoc in your world. It is also common to hear preachers speak of the necessity to break a curse because the sins of your fathers may be visited upon successive generations and you are the unfortunate, passive recipient of the consequences of their malfeasance. Are hexes real? Generational curses? Must we identify and then break these curses in order to live a victorious life? Jim Osman walks us through these issues and brings some much needed biblical clarity.