Monday, March 2, 2015

Rest For The Weary, part 7 - Mar 2, 2015

In this program we will wrap up our walk through Matthew 11:25-30. Jesus invited those who are weary and heavy laden to come to Him for His rest. The rest of God is synonymous with His salvation. We are to rest from our futile efforts of self reformation and non-meritorious good works. And yet, in order to be saved we must repent. So, how is it that in order to be saved we must repent (do something) and yet Christ offers to the weary His rest? Is this a contradiction? Not at all - when repentance is understood biblically. Genuine repentance is not something we do, it is done in us. Genuine repentance is granted by God. Also in this text Jesus says that we are to take His yoke upon us. What does this metaphor teach us about the oft debated question of Lordship Salvation? For more, visit and