Monday, January 19, 2015

Alex Malarkey and LifeWay's Cover-up - Jan 19, 2015

It is reported that on Wednesday of this week the biggest news story in the United States if not in the world was that of Alex Malarkey's open letter to LifeWay and other "Christian" retailers stating that the story told of him in the book "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven" is not true. When Alex's letter was posted the book's publisher, Tyndale, and LifeWay put out statements saying that this was news to them as well and they proceeded to pull the book from their shelves. Justin reveals why he believes both Tyndale and LifeWay are not being honest because of email exchanges that Phil Johnson and Justin had with each of them respectively. Justin will discuss this situation, read to you the emails, and then discuss the ramifications. They are many. It is a sad day for Tyndale and especially LifeWay but praise the Lord for Alex Malarkey. Visit and for more.