Monday, November 17, 2014

Justin Peters Program 11-17-14

This past Friday afternoon Kathy and I went to see Kirk Cameron's latest film, Saving Christmas.  The gist of the movie is that we need to "save" Christmas, not from secularists - but from Christians.  Those Christians who think that all of the trappings of Christmas from the trees, to the lights to the feasting to Santa Clause do nothing but distract from the real Reason for the season, namely, Christ.  Saving Christmas would have us to believe that all of these things that many see as distractions from the Savior are really all about the Savior.  Are they?  Are Christmas trees really in the Bible and is Santa Claus really on our team after all?  Are those believers who find these things to be unbiblical really just a bunch of legalistic sticks in the mud who should apologize and repent?  And, what role does Post Millennialism play in Saving Christmas?

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